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Here is a bit more information about some of the grape varietals & special wines.

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Comfort Food Pairings


Processo, a wine that is sparkling and a little sweet, is very tasty with Ramen noodles. The bubbles are refreshing and helps clean your palate after the salty noodles in the slightly oily broth.Add a bit of chicken or shrimp, which always pairs well with Processo.


A chilled Zweigelt, which is a unique grape widely grown in Austria, is a perfect wine with a Reuben Sandwich, Dill Pickle and Potato Chips? The tart acidity found in a Zweigelt wine pair well with the distinct rye flavor.


PB&J is wonderful with a sparkling Pinot Noir Rose', add some Cheetos and it becomes an even better combination. The fruitness from the wine complements the peanut butter the same way the jelly does. The Cheetos become a low-cost cheese board which is always perfect with wine.


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup pairs perfectly with a Camenere' or Cabernet Franc. These wines are considered savory, which pairs perfectly with the savory tomato soup..The higher acids and tannins in these reds also complements the fat from the grilled cheese.


A Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz work wonders with the saltiness of Sloppy Joes and fries. The beef and rich red sauce match well with the tannic and fruitness of a Cab or Shiraz. The tannis are also muted because of the saltiness of the fries and sauce.

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