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Can your really drink wine on a diet?

You decide.

Many wines are very low in carbs, and can have fewer calories than you think.

Carbohydrates come from the residual sugar left in wine after fermentation. Dry wines are always lower in carbs than a sweet wine. Many choose a sparkling wine for fewer calories, but be aware that many common Prosecco's have from 2-4 carbs per serving. An Extra-Brut is the best bet for carbs and calories.

Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, no matter what there are calories. Wines between 12%-15% ABV contains 90-120 calories per serving. BTW a serving is 5 ounces.

The worst part of wine is not the wine, it is you find yourself hungry. Alcohol initiates the brain into thinking you are hungry, so you snack, the worst thing for a diet.

There are proven benefits of consuming wine in moderation. The American Heart Association says that women should have no more than one glass a day (yep, we don't have as many alcohol digesting enzymes) and men no more than two.

Extensive studies have proven he tannins (found in all wine, but mostly in reds) scrape fat from the palate and digestive tract and are rich in heart-healthy procyanidins - all good for the heart. Other heath benefits are protection against age-related bone loss, improves kidney function, improves gut health in removing bad bacteria, it is an an anti-inflammatory and many others. See the full list here from Wine Folly.

So the real answer is yes, you can drink your favorite wine and it is healthy for your heart, just stick to the limitations you have set for eating and drinking. The 90-120 calories in one lovely glass of wine will not break your diet


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