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'Cheesey' Fun Facts

  • There are over 1800 different types of cheese

  • Cheese is a very ancient dairy product, there is no conclusive information as to the origin or date. It is believed it dates back to around 8000BCE, when sheep were domesticated.

  • The most popular cheese is cheddar and the least popular is blue cheese.

  • Hard cheeses, such as Parmesan last longer than soft cheeses, such as Brie.

  • Cream cheese is a natural anti-ageing product when used as a moisturizer on the face.

  • Cheese has natural components which give us a ‘feel-good’ sensation

  • A Canadian cheesemaker made a 32 foot long block of cheese which weighed 57,518 pounds.

  • The most expensive cheese is Pule Cheese. Produced at the Serbia’s Zasavica Special Natural Reserve from the milk of endangered Balkan donkeys.

  • A 15-year old Bitto Storico is the oldest cheese ever sold.

  • Halloumi cheese is a popular meat substitute because of its high melting point.

  • Cheese comes the Latin word “caseus’, meaning “to ferment, to sour.”

  • The coloring of cheese is done with the addition of annatto, a tropical tree seed.

  • Greeks credit the mythological Aristaeus for discovering feta, which is used in Greek cuisine.

  • A cheese seller is known as a cheese monger.

  • World wide cheese production is larger than the production of coffee, tobacco, tea and cocoa beans combined.

  • The first cheese factory was established in 1815 in Switzerland.

  • It takes approximately 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.

  • In the U.S. we consume around 34 pounds per person per year. The French eat an average of 57 pounds per person per year.

  • A large Roman house would have a separate kitchen for making cheese, it was called a careale.

  • The antibacterial effect from cheese helps protect your tooth enamel.

  • The Crowley Cheese Factory in Vermont is the nation’s oldest cheese maker still in operation.


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