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Chilean wines, great wine & great prices

I do not often focus on one winery, but this seemed appropriate, because of their long-term commitment to quality wine making, innovative use of resources and a focus of place.

1865 was the founding year for San Pedro Winery in Chile. From the beginning they have made a wide range of wines honoring the best possible match between the variety and the vineyard. They are the largest and oldest exporters of Chilean wine. Founded by two pioneering brothers, Bonifacio & Jose Correa, who brought different varieties to the area from Europe.

1865 is one of many wine lines produced by the winery. These specific wines are from single vineyards, where grapes are specially selected for the wine.

Their Cabernet Sauvignon is a faithful expression of the Maipo Valley. Accolades include: 100 pts. Wine Spectator (vintage 2018), 91 pts James Suckling (vintage 2017), and 93 pts James Suckling (vintage 2018). Red fruits and berries flavors are predominate, such as raspberries, cherries and blueberries. Spicy notes are also felt from its aging in barrels, which adds complexity to this wine. It is well balanced, with good body and medium structure. The tannins are soft, achieving a pleasant, elegant, and long finish.

The Maiop Valley is the oldest winemaking region in Chile. This area is located at the foothills of the Andes with large temperature swings between day and night. A perfect climate for Cabernet Sauvignon. The Las Piedras vineyard is planted on a secondary terrace of the Maipo River in the upper part of the valley. Composed of well drained sandy-clay soils, this is ideal for producing premium Cabernets with soft tannins.

The 1895 Carmenere is a wine made from carefully selected grapes from the Maule Valley, expressing the high quality of Chiles flagship strain. Flavors of blackberries, plums with hints of cloves, black pepper, and cedar. On the nose there is great intensity, with spicy notes, including pepper and nutmeg in the foreground along with ripe red fruit. This wine has good body, is well rounded, with soft tannins and a long finish.

The Maule Valley is the largest wine region in Chile and the most diverse. The area is warm, dry, with rocky soils, giving the wines an elegant natural acidity. Maule Valley is filled with family-rooted vineyards, including some of the oldest vineyards. It is also known for quality wines from distinctive varietals of Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The 1895 Malbec is from the Uco Valley. The wine is an elegant, fruit filled wine with velvety tannins. The fresh aroma of red fruits stands out in harmony with notes of vanilla, caramel and spices contributed by its aging in oak. This Malbec is smooth and juicy, with silky tannins and a persistent finish.

The Uco Valley experiences low rainfall, stark temperature variations from day to night, producing high-quality Malbec grapes and premium wines. The valley is lush growing everything from grapes to melons. Uco is known for quality Malbec grapes. This region is higher in elevation than other growing regions in Chile with an occasional frost, producing grapes with very thick skins, allowing for a deep flavor and color, more sugar and greater concentration of tannins. This area also grows high-quality Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

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