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Have fun wrapping a bottle of wine

Giving that special bottle of wine as a gift has great merit, but how to wrap it can be another challenge.

Gift wrapping started in the 1300s in Korea, where gifts were wrapped in cloth to protect them and as a symbol of good luck to the gift receiver. Paper came much later.

Gift wrapping with tissue paper or cellophane is straight forward. Cut a 12-inch by 12-inch square of tissue. Lay it on a flat surface and lay the bottle starting at one corner, roll the tissue with the bottle, tucking the bottom tissue in as you go. Secure the opposite end with tape and gather the tissue at the top of the bottle and tie with ribbon. Martha Stewart gives us a great video of this process.

How about wrapping your bottle with a great tea towel. This is not as hard as you think. Fold the dish towel in half on the long side of the towel. Place the bottle between the layers of the towel with the bottom of the bottle at the fold and start rolling tucking in the edge of the towel. Tie with a ribbon and decorate as you choose. A visual learner’s video of the process found on U-tube.

Socks are great wine wrappers. Simply stick the wine bottle in a sock and take the other sock and tie around the neck of the wine bottle. You can also take the additional sock and make a bow out of it and tie middle with ribbon and attach it to the bottle.

I found some great ideas on the Sonoma Wine Garden website. Be creative, go online for ideas, there are a ton out there. Make that special bottle shine with a creative wrap.



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