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just in ...best box o'wine ever

I have always made fun of my mom for drinking 'box wine.' part of it was because it is what I would call adult kool-aid but part of it was because it came in a box. Real wine didn't come in a box....right?

I almost hate to admit this ... BUT, I have found the a very very lovely Rose' that comes in a box, Bota Box Dry Rose'. It is very inexpensive and yet is comparable to a Provencal dry rose'.

There are a few thing about a boxed wine that are real benefits. It will last much longer than an opened bottle of wine, somewhere around 6 to 8 weeks, it is unbreakable so can easily go with you on that camping trip without an issue. it also has received 87 point and a Best Buy from Wine Enthusiast....

So next time you buy wine add a box of your favorite and let us know what you think.....



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