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Had one of these last night for the first time ever! DELICIOUS!

No this isn't wine made from oranges but a wine made from white grapes and the skin is allowed to stay in contact with the juice - similar (but opposite) to a rose'. Typically for white wines the skins are quickly removed right after crushing the grapes. The skin of grapes contain color, phenols and tannis that are considered undesirable in white wine, .... but it makes an 'orange' wine.

The one I tried, Le Ragnaie Vino Bianco from Montalcino, Italy, is very unique and fun. I have not yet had a wine that is anything like it. Somewhat similar to a sherry, yet still different. These are bold and robust wines, which was very surprising, and can range in tastes from honey to sourdough. Perfect for a curry, a wide range of beef, as well as fish.

The process of making orange wine is very old and goes back at least 5000 years. The technique resurfaced about 20 years ago. Orange wines are still hard to find, but we are seeing more and more of them.

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