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Traditional Holiday Libations

The Hot Buttered Rum, was created in the mid 19th century in the US. This drink first appeared because of the rum trade that passed through New England. The citizens came up with this yummy libation using the rum that they were unfamiliar with.

Mulled Wine is the traditional holiday drink across Britain. Originally created by the Romans, who were looking for a way to warm up during the cold winters.

The Glogg is a classic across the Scandinavian countries and has been since the 16th century. This spiced liquor, originally was consumed by messengers and postmen who travelled on horseback or skis in cold weather, and a Glogg was ready at their arrival.

Not strictly a Christmas drink, the Irish Coffee was invented by chef Joe Sheridan, who served this to passengers arriving by ship in the 1940’s, helping them to warm up from their cold travels.

A delightful beverage from Italy, popular during the winter months is the Bombardino. The drink was born at a ski resort in Lambardia. The bar tender served it to a few freezing patrons and the drink was born.

A household drink in Mexico is Ponche Navideno, and is served on Christmas Eve. It is delicious and also packed with vitamins.

Gluhwein is very similar to mulled wine and very popular around the holidays in Germany. The libations is very similar to mulled wine and can now be found bottle and ready to warm.

Cola de Mono is similar to a White Russian and is a holiday favorite in Chile. It is said it was invented by former president Pedro Montt, where he first mixed up this cocktail during a holiday party.


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