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Why celebrate National Drink Wine Day, February 18th?

There are so many possible answers to this question …

The day has been established to reflect on the historical and cultural significance of wine, as well as its’ benefits.

Health Benefits

Studies show that red wine can combat inflammation, sharpen your mind, promote longevity and improve your mood. (Based on one glass for women and two for men daily).

Moderate wine drinkers have a lower risk of liver disease, Type II diabetes, certain cancers, heart attacks and strokes.

Historical Value

Not only is the wine in your glass usually at least a year old, many wines which are perfect for consumption today are as many as 10-20 years old. This doesn’t even account for the amazing historical significance of wine.

We know that wine, as a consumable beverage, is at least 8000 years old. There is evidence of ancient production in China, Middle East and Greece. The basic process of making wine has changed very little since the ancient days. Grapes are crushed, pressed and fermented and then sealed.

Wine is also an important economic component of the US and world economy. Over 219.9 billion dollars of total impact from the wine industry and, over one million jobs in the U.S. help the U.S's bottom line.

Interesting Info

  • The Declaration of Independence was cheered by our forefathers with a glass of Maderia.

  • The grapes known in California as Mission grapes, were planted in 1769 by a Franciscan missionary Father Junipero Serra.

  • Snake wine is a concoction made by infusing a whole snack in rice wine. It is thought to be a cure for a multitude of ailments in southeast Asia.

  • Oldest bottle of wine is in Speyer, Germany, a bottle dating back to 325 A.D. is in the museum. This bottle was buried in the tomb of a Roman nobleman.

  • The oldest wine cellar was discovered in 2013 in Israel. Rough dating set it at 1700 BC. And it is estimated that it contained around 2000 liters of wine.

  • Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’ used wine in many of his recorded remedies.

So find a new wine or grab an old favorite and celebrate National Drink Wine Day with


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