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Pairing with real food

While I sometimes create a lasagna that takes all day to cook, more often we eat what I would call 'real' food. What I can put in a crockpot before work or what I can whip up in as little time as possible after work ... oh, for the day I have all day to just enjoy cooking for more than two ....

So here's a start at pairing possibilities with real food.

Let's start with a staple Mac-n-Cheese, that luscious comfort food loved by all those I know, one exception...

Try an Off-Dry Riesling such as 2014 Eroica Riesling. This less sweet, dry wine is a perfect pair with the salty creamy cheese.

Looking for a red, try a Grenache. These ripe and juicy wines are another perfect pairing.

2012 Los Rocas Old Vine Garancha is superb with loads of fruit flavors and heavy enough to stand up to the pasta and cheese.

So enjoy your Mac-N-Cheese next time with a glass of wine. It will enhance the flavor of your food.

What are some of your real foods that you have tried wine with? Share we'd love to have more discussions about real food and wine pairings.

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